Helio Design have in co-operation with Danish artists and silversmiths produced a series of wine stoppers inspired by the famous and beautiful towers there are to found in Copenhagen city. 

The buildings and towers were established by previous Danish Kings and are still in use today by the present Royal family. 

At this present time the collection consists of 10 Danish hand-produced towers. The towers are made in solid silver with natural cork forming the stopper section. Each tower is presented in a specially designed Blue case inlayed with royal blue velour.   

Every tower produced is unique due to the individual handcrafting of each cast and form. Each tower is also hand finished and then polished for the perfect end result.



There are now 15 towers in the Royal Towers of Copenhagen range.

The most recent ones are Saint Petri Church – the oldest church in Copenhagen (link) and the royal wedding church Vor Frue Cathedral where Crownprince Frederik and Crownprincess Mary got married May 14, 2004. The church is made with it´s original turret – the turret burned down by the English in 1807 (link).

The weddingtower will be sold in an original Royal Blue weddingbox – with a special printed insert stating Crownprince Frederik and Crownprincess Mary as well as the weddingdate.

The Hans Christian Andersen Palace in Tivoli – has also become very popular because of his 200 year anniversary april 2, 2005.

We will be going to Japan in May where the towers will be shown on the official homepage www.jetro.go.jp as well as being advertised in over 70 cities all over Japan during summer.


HelioDesign, har i samarbejde med danske billedkunstnere og sølvsmede, fremstillet en serie Vinpropper, efter model af Københavns mest berømte tårne. 

Bygningerne er opført af danske konger og bruges ofte af den danske kongefamilie. 

Serien omfatter indtil nu 15 tårne, der er håndfremstillet af danske sølvsmede i massivt sølv. 

Der er brugt Sterling sølv til støbningen og naturlig kork til selve propperne. De special designede blå æsker, med kongeblåt Fløjl, er håndfremstillet i Danmark. 

På grund af håndfremstillingen er der ikke 2 tårne der er helt ens, ligesom der kan forekomme forskelligheder i sølvarbejdet.